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My Quilts and other projects


I've tried all kinds of techniques since I discovered patchwork and quilting as my hobby. Meanwhile, I have sewn a lot of different projects. I've handstitched machine sewn, hand and machine embroidered, clued, dyed and painted on fabric and also created some project with EQ7, a wonderful design programme. My repertoire includes bed quilts for king size as well as for babies, cushion covers, table cloths and table mats, coasters, bags and pouches, toys, wall hangings and much much more..... Just browse the photo gallery! If there is anything you like - please contact me either by phone or email - I would love to design and sew something for you!




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Renate Poignée
Feldstr. 8
86922 Eresing

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+49 8193 4090 878


+49 176 3176 1439

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